Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Mimi's First Vacation

Since Mimi has been working so hard eating, sleeping, and staring at the ceiling fan, we decided to take her to Santa Rosa Beach for a few days to relax. Although we slathered her in SPF 50, made her wear a goofy hat, and strapped her in a carseat for 10 hours, I still think she had a great time.

Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Mimi loves to smile!

I am so happy that Mimi is smiling more now!! When I go to her crib to get her every morning, she looks up and smiles -- I love it!! She is also crazy about her mobile and ceiling fans, and she even smiled during her bath this morning!

Last week we babysat Ruthie and Spike's little cousin Archie over night. He is so stinkin' cute, but there is no reason for anyone to try to live with 3 rat terriers!! Our house was a circus the whole time he was here -- Ruthie was in heaven!

These are Mimi's friends Hadley Rhett and Emerson Sorrells at High Point Pizza last weekend, but Mimi slept through dinner and missed the photo op. Brad decided the girls are going to create a girl group like TLC or Destiny's Child and take care of their parents when we get older. But from listening to all of us sing karoake at Windjammer, maybe they should set their goals on accounting or real estate . . . anyone remember Clint and "Boot Scootin' Boogie"?
Mimi went to her first tailgate at Ole Miss this past weekend! Her new friend Mariam Cate was trying to feed her a chicken strip!! How sweet of her to share!

We go to the ped next week and I can't wait to find out how much Mimi has grown! I tried to measure her today, and although she was squirming I think she's about 22 in long (was 19 in at birth). She is finally wearing 0-3mo clothes, and has a chubby little double chin. She must be self-conscious about all this weight gain and has been working hard on her abs!!

Thursday, September 11, 2008

Our First Date!!

Clint and I went to the Ben Folds concert in Nashville this past weekend while my sister and the kids babysat Mimi. Ben Folds played with the Nashville symphony, and the concert was fabulous! We had a wonderful time getting out, but I found it hard to not wonder about Mimi through the whole concert. Ben Folds played a song he wrote for his daughter Gracie, and it only made me miss Mimi more -- I'm such a sap now!

While we were in Nashville, my friend Lauren made some photos of Mimi. Here are just a few:

Thursday, September 4, 2008

The little chunk!

I took Mimi to the doctor yesterday because her tummy has been bothering her at night. Believe it or not, the ped believes she has acid reflux and gave her the drug that I sell -- ha! I didn't even think about, but she has all the signs -- nighttime fussiness, arching her back, feels better on her stomach and after she sucks her paci for a while. Luckily she hasn't been spitting up, which is a good thing.
Anyway, they weighed her to figure out dosing, and I was shocked to hear the results -- she's gained 2 pounds in 2 weeks!! She went from 6lbs 2oz to 8 lbs 4oz! And I have been telling everyone she's around 7 lbs!

Check out her double chin (and what I think was a grin . . . or gas!)

This is Mimi's favorite spot to sleep.

Tuesday, September 2, 2008

One month old!

Time is flying by!! Mimi is four weeks old, and I feel like we just left the hospital yesterday. She has already outgrown her preemie outfits and probably weighs about 7 pounds now. Although she's not on a "schedule," she is eating about every three hours and might even last about four hours at night (which means I get to sleep about three hours in a row!! Yay!!).

Mimi and I with Jordan.

She loves to stare at her giraffe toy.

Mimi's neck is so strong!! She can hold her head up for a while when she's on our chests.

She HATES her carseat!! Poor baby!!