Monday, September 9, 2013

Don't wake me if I'm dreaming . . .

Have you ever had one of those days when you need to be pinched?  

Not in a bad way but in a wake me up because there hasn't been a total disaster yet so I must still be dreaming kind of days.

The past couple of weeks I've been a bit on the cray-cray side.  I've been exhausted from lack of sleep thanks to a little guy who forgot how to snooze.  Laundry and dirty dishes seemed to be coming out of no where (along with more spiders).  The kids have had loads of parent orientations, kid only and no siblings allowed orientations, come fill out more paper work, stop by to register, just pop in for 15 minutes and get to know your teacher, and by the way it would be better if you come with no children or only one child.  Oh, and they all conflicted and happened during times that no sitter or husband was able to help.  But that's okay.  I worked everything out and we survived another week.  

So basically I've been having lots of stay at home mom probs, and I've been quite whiney about it.  But today has been a blessing because of great sleep and laundry catch-up over the weekend.  Everyone was happy and smiley this morning, and I feel like I can stop yelling.  Whew, I know two kids who like the sound of that.  I even made muffins for breakfast, y'all.  This day has to be a dream. 

Loads of boring things have been happening in our "new world" as Mimi calls it.  I keep thinking we're going to need to head back to reality in the city and then remember this isn't vacay.  We actually live out of the chaos now!  Yippee!  Here's the rundown:  Mimi turned 5, Mack turned 3 (I can't spend much time discussing this or I will cry), my parents visited, my sister's family visited, we've had city friends up for a barbecue (that's right.  I didn't say to "grill out."  I used the Midwestern terminology "a barbecue" and I didn't explode), we've met lots of new people, we've been to birthday parties, Mimi started kindergarten, and Mack started a playgroup therapy.  

And now on to all my sister will bother with.  The pics.

Enjoying the great outdoors and loving the yard.  By the way, I think more chipmunks live in our backyard than anywhere else in the world.  They're so stinking cute, and we've named them all Chippy.  Clint and I even made up a song for them that we sing whenever we see them.  "Chippy chip chip, chip chip chip . . ."  

Bubble man.  


Loads of popsicles.  Orange is Mack's fave.


This guy has really challenged my sanity a lot over the past few weeks, but my gosh that sweet, sweet smile and hilarious giggle keep me going.  He's not the best with transitions, so he's been overwhelmed and out of sorts and clingy and fussy and just a pain in the buns since the move.  But today is a good day, so I'm hanging on to that.

We're super close to the Botanic Gardens, and the kids love the cool train exhibit.  Mack doesn't understand why he can't climb over the fence . . . 

For the kids' birthdays, we bought bikes for ourselves.  That's right.  A bike for Clint and a bike for Jeri Anne.  Mimi told me that's what they wanted, and we said, "Cool."  The real reason she wanted the bikes was for the trailer.  

Mack's been catching some good z's on afternoon rides.

I thought about getting rid of the double stroller, but the monkeys still love it.  And they're totally not outgrowing at all.  Absolutely not.  Still fits them perfectly.  They're tiny, tiny, little babies who will never get bigger . . . 

A few days before kindergarten began some neighborhood kindergartners got together to meet and walk to each other's homes.  This little group was so stinking cute, and the moms are great!  Yay, me!  I'm pretty sure I would be the worst at making friends if it wasn't for Mimi.  Let me tell you, having an outgoing child is the best for finding buddies.  If you don't have a child, you should go and get yourself one.  Insta-coffee and GNO buddies!  Woo hoo!

Here we are.  First day of REAL school.  Kindergarten.  Stuff's about to get real, yo.

Why, oh, why didn't I take any good photos when the cousins were visiting??  This always happens.  We're having so much fun that the camera never comes out.  But what would you rather have?  Good memories or good photos?

Coco is so cute . . . and Mimi's stuffing her face . . . 

The big sis!  Yippee!!

I can't get over how fantastic the beach is.  Simply stunning.  And even better with this little guy running on it.

This one could sit in the sticky sand all.  day.  long.  Flops down belly first and digs and digs.  

Classmate's beach birthday party.  It was only 70 degrees (and a bit too windy, if you ask me), but the kids didn't seem to care.  


Now back to hoping this beautiful dream can last a bit longer . . .