Monday, May 12, 2014

Loooong Winter

I'm ready to get over winter, so I'll get through this post in a hurry and will stop being so bitter.  A lot of pics and a little talk . . .

First real ski trip to Park City . . . 

The happy and brave couple . . . keeping it real on the greens.

You're my blue sky, you're my sunny day . . . 

The snow.  O. M. G. the stuuuuupid snow.

Ice skating like it was her J. O. B.

Learning to ski.  Loooooved watching this one be so brave.

Ski buddies.

Thumbs up after a fall.  No biggie.

Serious crash at the bottom of a run.  I yelled for her to make pizza with her skis, and she yelled back, "Noooo pizza!  I like french fries because I can go faster!!!"

And she didn't even care that she completely splattered into the snow bank.  Never laughed so hard in her life.

I might frame this pretty face.

What every toy in our house that hits the floor now looks like . . .  

Trying to teach her some manners.  "No chewing on toys, Rubster, or you won't get a sticker on your chart."

Little black puppy loves the snow as much as the kiddos.

My badass play group, er, moms who like to go out for drinks group.  I just had to take a pic of the beautiful kids who brought us all together.  Love, love, love these people.  And I know the pics in the back are so not centered.  Don't ask . . . 

Sweet boy no longer uses his pacifier.  And it makes me sad.  

Lost her first tooth!  Has since lost another . . . 

"Mommy, I fly to the moon!"  Just come back before dinner . . .   

Mimi loves a selfie.

Future snow boarder hunk.

"See, Mommy, it's magic."

My three faves.  

Wait, let's make that my four faves.  This dog completes the family.  
Such an old soul -- obedient and loving and super smart.

This family is officially moving on to spring.  Warmer weather, leaves on trees, pollen annoying our sinuses, and long bike rides.  More of that soon (I hope).