Thursday, September 10, 2009

13 Months Old and My Name Is "No, No, No"

I am sad to say that Mimi is no longer a baby . . . she is a wild little monkey! I don't exactly know when this happened, but it seems like it was overnight. Since she turned one she has become so independent and fiesty (these are the exact words of her preschool teacher, Miss Jackie).
For example:
She wants to walk everywhere and refuses to hold my hand or be carried . . . and her little knees are covered in scabs :(
She HATES to be fed. She only wants food that she can eat by herself (tomatoes, bananas, strawberries, and pasta are her favorite), and she sweeps all her food off the table when she's finished.
She insists on stealing small liquor bottles out of the cabinet and yells at me when I take them from her (I finally put a latch on this cabinet today . . . and she yelled at me when she realized it!)
I have to put her in the sleeper hold to change her diaper.
She wags her finger at Ruthie whenever she barks too much and tells her, "no, no, no."
She plays tug-of-war with Ruthie and her toys and squeals with delight if Ruthie jerks her down.
I have observed her push others out of the way to get to a toy.
On the other hand, she has learned SO much at her new preschool just in the past month:
She can play "Ring around the Rosies" but likes to sit down way too early.
She tries really hard to do the hand motions to "Itsy Bitsy Spider" and "Wheels on the Bus."
She sleeps on a mat at school.
She comes home with coloring pages and other "art projects" she's worked on that day.
If she accidentally drops a toy, she says, "pick up, pick up" . . . and then she usually throws it down.
When I ask her "where's the blah blah" on the page of a book, she usually gets it right. Well, sometimes she gets it right :)
Mimi LOVES being outside and picking up sticks, acorns, and leaves . . . and sometimes she even pulls weeds!

She is so sweet to Spike and likes to share her food with him (but never offers any to Ruthie!).
Mimi has been trying to play with her toys in the dogs' water bowls (and sometimes the potty!), so I have been taking her bath toys outside and letting her play with them in big bowls of water. She gets herself, the patio, and anything within a ten foot radius completely soaked.

I was cleaning out her closet and found my favorite baby gown of hers. I tried it on her and it still fits! I thought it was so sweet but I could tell the length was annoying her.

What a perfect way to END the post -- Way to go Rebels for beating the Memphis Tigers!