Sunday, October 26, 2008

12 weeks old

Mimi turned 12 weeks old on Friday, which meant I had to start back to work. She had a great time at Christ Methodist, and I pretended to have a good time going back to work! Honestly, my day flew by, and it was nice to catch up with the offices I call on (and show off baby pictures!). I loved picking her up at the end of the day -- absence definitely makes the heart grow fonder!

She loves being naked!
We went to church with my parents in Corinth on Sunday (although it looks like we were attending a funeral in all black!).

Mimi LOVES putting on this outfit because it is so bright and colorful -- she smiles every time she sees it (shout out to Jordan).
Her cousin JR was kissing her! He loves Mimi!

Mimi is hanging out with Dad trying to learn all about the mortgage business . . . she seems as interested as I do.
Last week we visited my sister and her kids in Nashville, and Mimi loved them. Her cousin Nicholas read a bedtime story to her every night and she was so fascinated with him!
This is Mimi after a bath -- she was so happy (and so was her silly dad!).

Friday, October 10, 2008

10 weeks olds

Mimi and her cousin Olivia (practicing her babysitting skills).

Mimi, Olivia, and little brother J.R.
Clint is trying to teach Mimi about X Box early. He has decided that he can give her a controller and make her think she is playing, and this should entertain her for hours . . . yeah, right.

Her bunny towel.

Mimi is seeing the world from a different angle now -- in her Bumbo chair. She acts so surprised as soon as she gets in the chair and turns her head from side to side quickly trying to take everything in from this new view.