Sunday, May 17, 2009

Mother's Day, New Tricks, and the Pool

Happy first Mother's Day to me! I'm so happy to be Mimi's mom (and Ruthie and Spike's also, of course). It's exciting to have a whole new holiday added to my life each year! Mother's Day will always be about a week before my birthday, so it will be fun to get twice as many gifts in May now! Ha ha!Mimi does really funny things with her tongue now. When she's playing I notice her sticking out her tongue to the side and babbling.
Mimi learned 2 new tricks this week -- clapping her hands and doing the bububububu thing on her lips. She and her Uncle Tyler had so much fun practicing this trick.Mimi is starting to develop her own opinions about certain things now -- which foods, toys, and blankets she likes -- and I think her personal "style" should be no different. As much as I love sweet little pink smocked dresses, I think Mimi would appreciate that I also try to throw in some more fashionable, trendy options occassionally, such as this retro bubble and silver gladiator sandals. I know she'll thank me one day:)
I have been so excited about Mimi's first day at the pool, and it came a little sooner than expected when we were invited to her cousin Olivia's birthday party. The water was about 40 degrees, but Olivia and her friends stayed in the water for hours -- what troopers! Mimi and I stuck our toes in the pool and she was so excited about being splashed. Also, she had the cutest swim cover -- thanks to Libby!

Like I said earlier, Mimi is doing some funny things with her tongue now . . .

Tuesday, May 5, 2009

9 Months Old

We have gone through so many changes just in the past few weeks with Mimi: 2 new teeth, pulling up, crawling, and a new personality to go along with this. Around Easter she seemed so frustrated because her teeth were bothering her and she couldn't quite crawl, and we were aftaid her fussy disposition was here to stay. That's not the case anymore because she is so silly and LOVES to laugh! I'll put her in the floor in her room to play and will hear her cracking up at her toys and squealing. She has her own language now and speaks so passionately about who knows what. I caught her climbing out from under her crib a few days ago . . . what she was doing under there I'll never know, but she thought it was really funny!
She is stilly crazy about Spike and Ruthie and they are so sweet to her. I was really worried they might snap at her, but they sit patiently and let her play with their ears and feet and climb all over them.

Also, naptime and bedtime is a little more difficult than in the past because she would rather have a party in her crib than go to sleep. This is a video of what was supposed to be her nap.