Thursday, April 23, 2009

Mimi on the move

Life is about to seriously change for Clint and me . . . Mimi is a crawler and climber! She is easily pulling up on everything and wakes us up by standing in her crib and squealing at us. She began CRAWLING on Saturday morning on our new favorite place, the front porch. She is so happy to be able to move around and get what she wants, but this has completely changed our lifestyle. Of course she never stays in her designated area (usually a rug or quilt if we are outside), and I have already caught her doing the following: trying to peel paint chips off the porch (probably lead paint), pulling up grass and eating it, digging in the bin in her room that contains scissors, and getting way too close to a very heavy, unstable fireplace cover. Yikes. I'll try to post a video of her signature crawl very soon. For now I just have this on of her on the porch swing being happy.
Mimi was so excited that her friend Hadley came over on Sunday afternoon. They had fun stealing each other's baby dolls and playing with Little People. Mimi tried her best to chase Hadley when she walked around but she's not a very fast crawler yet. Also, they loved holding hands and laughing at each other.

Every girl needs a pair of red shoes and Mimi is doing a fabulous job of showing hers off -- notice the popped toe!

Also, I noticed I never posted a photo of Mimi in her first Easter dress, so I thought this one would sum up some of the afternoon. Mimi had a sad, sad Easter trying to cut her teeth. Notice how concerned her sweet cousins JR and Olivia are :(. Of course I still took tons of photos because I think she's cute even when she cries.

Saturday, April 11, 2009

Mimi's Eventful Week

This has been quite a busy week for Mimi -- in both good and bad ways. First of all, Mimi's first tooth has finally emerged! She has been doing some serious chewing and gnawing for about 5 months, but I'm glad to say it was not in vain. (If you can enlarge this photo you can see a little white speck on the bottom of her mouth). Thank goodness I found magical teething tablets that help with the pain!!

Last weekend we visited our friends Amery, Clay, and Olivia in their new, yet very old 1800's home. The yard was full of purple flox, so of course I had to take about 100 photos of Mimi.
Jordan, Amery, Me, Olivia, and Mimi in front of Big, Bad Breakfast in Oxford.
Mimi's friend Hadley has made it to the one-year-old mark and was rewarded with a fabulous red wagon! They had so much fun throwing their toys over the side!

Uh oh . . . Mimi discovered cartoons this week. She is sitting in the middle of fabulous toys but is mesmerized by Yo Gabba Gabba (Jack Black was actually on this episode. Strange, huh?). Our favorites so far are Max and Ruby, Charlie and Lola, and the Backyardigans. Lola is my personal fave. And now for the bad . . . a family stomach virus! It hit Mimi first on Tuesday night, me on Wednesday morning, and Clint later on Wednesday. Poor little Mimi was so miserable and we could do nothing but hold her and let her watch cartoons. So sad.

My sister's family visited us Easter weekend and we had a family egg hunt in my backyard. Mimi's cousins Courtney and Nick found all the eggs . . . and Mimi chewed on them. After the egg hunt, we went to the zoo and had a blast. Mimi completely skipped her morning nap because she was so excited about all the animals and other kids. Later in the day we went to the Overton Square Crawfish Party . . . and then she went to bed at 5:30!